Electrical Panel Change Outs at Pevia Electric


Electrical fuse panels have become obsolete as they no longer meet today’s electrical standards/requirements. Houses now require more power to feed appliances, air conditioning system and technical devices. When you plug in too many devices on one circuit, the fuse becomes overheated and blows. By using a large amp fuse (20 – 30 amps), you may stop the problem of fuse blowing however, the wire is only rated to carry 15 amps.

By using the larger fuse, the wire becomes overheated as it is working beyond capacity. These overheated wires are running through wood studs in the walls. The potential for fire now exists.

If you have a fuse panel in your home, insurance companies may refuse to renew your homeowner’s insurance policy. You can take preventive measures by having a qualified electrical contractor install a new circuit breaker panel in your home. Average homes today are equipped with a 100 or 200 amp electrical services with a distribution panel handling up to 40 circuit breakers.

If you experience any circuit issues or have questions about your fuse panel contact {Company] in Conway, AR for proper electrical panel change outs or repairs for our electrical services. We can send out an electrician today. 


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