Electrical Upgrades at Pevia Electric


Your electrical services panel is responsible for distributing energy throughout your home. As a key part of the electrical system, it is imperative that it stays in working order. If it begins to malfunction you will need to call a residential electrician immediately.

For emergencies like this, you can trust Pevia Electric to quickly and efficiently service your electrical systems to get them back up to speed. If your home needs electrical repairs, an electrician from Pevia Electric will be sure to carefully, quickly and correctly service your property. We offer residential electrical services, residential rewiring services and electrical panel repair. Let our electrical contractors take care of all your electrical needs.

We also offer home automation which allows you to control the lights in your house from different parts of the room as well as saving energy.

As it is that installing or rewiring electrical equipment can be complicated and sometimes dangerous, it is recommended to hire a fully licensed electrical contractor. For panel upgrades, lighting installation and generator installation contact one of our contractors for dedicated customer service and quality repairs.

If you’re in need of electrical upgrades, contact us at Pevia Electric in Conway, AR today to schedule an appointment.


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