Residential Electrician at Pevia Electric


Electrical problems while remodeling can be annoying and sometimes dangerous. Whether you are remodeling, residential rewiring or completely replacing wires, the help of a licensed electrician is highly recommended as it is that these kind of projects can be dangerous without the help of a professional. Our residential electrical service is fully licensed and trained to handle whichever problems you come across in your home while doing electrical work.

Perhaps you are installing speakers in your home for a new sound system, projects like this are perfect for an electrical contractor. At Pevia Electric, it is our job to make sure that the electrical work in your home is done carefully and correctly. Whether partaking in lighting installation or kitchen appliances, our electrical contractors are available when you need us most. Make sure to ask us about our landscape lighting. 

If you are in need of a reliable residential electrical contractor for your home remodeling, call us at Pevia Electric in Conway, AR to schedule an appointment or consultation.


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